What is the best flat TV screen size for the living room?

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It is the most obvious question you might ask yourself before buying a TV, what is the best flat TV screen size for the living room? It is 2020 and TV technology has advanced to a great extent. Also making TV more affordable. Thus, my recommendation is to go for a flat TV screen.

The two most vital factors to consider before buying a Flat TV are i) Your Budget (obviously) and ii) the size of your room. To better understand which size TV is best for your living room without compromising the immersive viewing experience and ignoring your living room size, let us try to understand a few principles before proceeding.


In simple terms, it is referred to as a phenomenon that causes an image or video to break into individual visible pixels. It is visible when zooming a low-resolution image.

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Pixelated sunset image

Now let us understand what is the relation between Resolution and Viewing distance.

Resolution and Viewing distance

The more the resolution of the TV screen, the closer you can sit to the TV without experiencing pixelation. It is crucial because you can sit more closely to a 4K TV than 1080p resolution TV.

According to most experts, the best viewing distance for an immersive experience is based on resolution and screen size. Firstly let us discuss 1080p.

  • For 1080p, the formula is 2:1, which means, your viewing distance should be double the screen size measured diagonally. For instance, if your TV size diagonally is 50 inches, your best distance of viewing would be 100 inches.
  • And for 4K, it changes a bit due to higher resolution to 1.5:1. That is, if you have the same 50 inches 4K TV, you can sit more closer that is 75 inches and still get the optimal viewing experience.

Moreover, the above formula, if followed, would be proven magical in terms of the overall viewing experience. Thus, describes the best flat TV screen size for the living room. Hope this post was helpful in TV buying decisions. Happy Shopping!

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